Values and Culture

Our Values

The organization has been built on the principle of “Rewrite Rules, Retain Values”. Understanding the Indian consumer and infusing those learnings in each and every function is key to us. The knowledge and insights help build our business practices towards the goal of leading India into becoming a consumption led growth story.

Our vision is to make the “Sone Ki Chidiya” soar again and we believe our consumer is at the heart of it. Our mission is to serve our customers and stakeholders by creating consumption opportunities that will take the country forward. Enabling us in achieving these aims are the values that define us as an organization and as a set of people.

Our Culture

We believe that a positive attitude, sincerity, humility and determination are intrinsic to our success and the same philosophy trickles down to the organization's daily functioning. Flexibility and new ideas are promoted and accountability and entrepreneurship is valued here. The freedom to decide, implement, execute and learn is the backbone of our teams at Future Group. Encouraging independence, creativity and a risk-taking ability, teams in Future Group are always looking to work with the best talent and help them reach their full potential. While an entrepreneurial zeal, an open and progressive mindset, an ability to think big and learn constantly encapsulate our ideal candidate, following qualities and traits will help them blend into our organization's culture well.

Speed and Imagination - Ability to constantly think on your feet and ideate on innovative solutions that results in an agile organization.

Influence And Inspire - Ability to influence, inspire and motivate others to deliver the organization’s goals.

Courage To Go Beyond - Ability to think big and constantly push self and others to achieve and stretch goals.

Customer Centricity and Happiness - Ability to understand customer (stakeholder) needs and proactively working towards enhancing customer happiness and experience at every touch point

Karta Orientation - Demonstrates leadership qualities. Takes accountability for results. Ensures development and overall well-being of others.

Employee Benefits

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